A La Carte Services

Each service listed below may be purchased as an add-on to a Pawlour Package or as an individual service.

  • Blueberry Facial- Antioxidant mask helps brighten face and lessen tear stains naturally.
  • Pet-a-Cure Nail Trim and Filing- If needed a soothing Paw Balm is applied to help heal cracked and dry paws.
  • Pet-a-Cure Polish-Choose from a collection of nail finishes to add a signature color and look to your pet’s paws. (Short-haired breeds only)
  • Ear Cleaning- Gently clean each ear to soothe irritated tissue and remove excess build-up and hair.
  • Teeth Brushing- Natural toothpaste and breath spray is used to freshen your pet’s mouth. Reduce the risk of gum disease with regular tooth brushing.
  • Scent Gland Expression
    Your pet’s scent gland ducts can become clogged and uncomfortable. An external expression is all your pet may need.

  • Tear Stain Removal
    We’ll help remove the discoloration around your fair-colored pet’s eyes and send you home with our Eye-Envy starter kit. Tear-stains cannot be removed in one treatment.